It’s not just all about me

I just got back from chuch, which once again proved to be an extremely meaningful sermon for me. My church is doing a series called “Botox Church” investigating 1Corinthians books 1-4. Today we were looking at chapter 3:1-9.

In this we got talking about how we are all servants for God and that we need to remember that we can’t do everything. This particular part of the sermon struck me the hardest because he reminded me that I can’t be everything to anyone person. I only have a certain amount of talents that God gave me to use and after that I need to trust that other people will touch them and continue to give them what they need. This is what God’s network looks like and I completely forgot that it couldn’t be all done by me.

For now I’ve realized that I can continue to help people by using my skills and talents but that I also need to let go of people and let other people grow them as well.

As a specific example, my boyfriend who I love and care for deeply, I am always trying to be the only one who he needs. But now I’ve realized that it is okay for others to serve him as well as for me to. I think this will allow for both of us to continue to grow as I learn to take a step back from serving him. It’s not that I won’t continue to love and serve him but just that I need to understand that other can also do the same thing and serve him in different ways than me. Also I feel that this can strengthen our relationship as I can relax from only serving him, which I know that sometimes trying to help him grow turns into me just nagging. I’m pretty sure he will be happy for me to stop nagging him as much.

I’m also sure that I can apply this to every other relationship around me as I continue to learn how to step back from trying to serve everyone everything.


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